“ We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.”
Prabin Bhandari
Managing Director, Australia

Himalayan Business Group

Himalayan Business Pty Ltd (HBG) is a multi-facet company focused on high degree of customer service delivery specialising in education, mortgage and travel services.

HBG’s strength is in its ability to provide prompt and fact based service delivery to our clients. Our ability to “cut-through” issues, make practical and realistic assessments of the opportunities and challenges, and work with clients with different needs are highly regarded.

Each member of the HBG team brings to a project their specific skills and experience, to ensure the right expertise for your particular needs.

HBG also utilises all of its resources within and outside Australia for a wide range of clients to access their needs and mobilizes the strengths of our offices based in Brisbane, Canberra and Kathmandu.

“Happy faces of the customer with maximum satisfaction in service delivery matters at the end of the day. Either the issue relates to the education, mortgage or travel, we believe on those people who trust us to help them making a life changing decision.” – HBG, Managing Director.

HBG provides services for clients from three major locations: Brisbane, Canberra and Kathmandu.

As an accredited education agent representing Australian universities and colleges, HBG is proud of providing best solution to the students seeking further advice selecting the right course of study which is cost effective and internationally recognised.

HBG specializes in mortgage broking and commercial lending solutions. Himalayan Brokers is a subsidiary to HBG. We assist our clients for better home loan solutions, for new home buyer grant application and provide quality advice to those who does not have knowledge on the property buying process. HBG is a proud member of MFAA complying with all the industry legislation and regulation in practice.

HBG also offers travel and ticketing services to the customers around the globe operating under the name of Himalayan Travel and Tours. We deliver the best price as per the customer needs.

HBG always appreciate industrial challenges and is focused on the company growth with high level of customer care. HBG welcomes the thoughts, ideas and proposal to grow the business around the globe.

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